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How to Reset Asus extender to factory default settings?

Before starting this reset process of Asus Extender, please make sure there is no cable inserted such as audio cable or Ethernet cable. Otherwise, your extender will reboot rather than reset.

  • Unplug all the cables.
  • Plug the adapter and turn on the extender.
  • Locate the reset button and hold it with a paper clip for 30 seconds. Paper clip is used because the hole for resetting is too small to press.
  • Release the button.

If you got issues in the configuration of Asus extender then we have a team of experts. Tell us your problem, we will provide you a solution. Connect to the extender network after completing the reset process and access to IP address or to open the configuration panel of the extender.

Troubleshoot Asus extender: Get solutions for Asus RP-N53 extender issues

Are you getting issues related to this extender? If yes then you have arrived at the correct place. Get a solution from us. Our team is working on these issues from last 4 years. So, you definitely get a solution from us. Chat live with us or make us a call. The issues may encounter such as not getting internet connection, not able to access web GUI of your extender, 5 GHz signal extender is not showing any status light, entered the wrong password while having WEP security, touch controller is not working, web interface also called basic homepage i.e is not accessible, default web address or IP address is not working to get into the extender, how to change the password of extender network, how to change admin password, how to change wireless security type etc.

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