Asus RP-N53

Asus RP-N53 WiFi Range Extender

WiFi Range extender is used to boost the wifi range of existing router. A router is not able to cover entire home if your home is big. That is why an extender is needed. Extender provides internet in these areas called dead zones or no internet zones. We will explain the setup later on. In the package, you will get an extender and quick start guide. With the help of quick start guide, you can setup your extender in no time. On the extender, there is one Ethernet port, one audio port, reset button, power button, WPS button, night light, touch controller and LED indicators.

How to set up this Asus extender?

Follow the simple steps, we are mentioning here to set up this extender. The steps are easy to follow. If you get any issues while following the steps or in the configuration of the extender then contact us anytime. We are having experts who can solve this issue.

Place the extender near the router before starting the installation process. Plug in your range extender and wait till power LED turns solid blue. There are two options to install this extender. We will discuss both. Select one according to your preference.

Using Graphical User Interface to install Asus RP-N53 extender

  • Connect to the wireless network of your extender. Either connect to 2.4 GHz network or 5 GHz networks. It is a dual band extender that is why you will see two SSIDs.
  • To access the Asus range extender, open a web browser and type in the URL bar of the browser.
  • A login page prompts after you hit enter from the keyboard. Enter default username and password in the respective fields.
  • Follow the steps thereafter. Select the router network that you want to extend and enter its security key.
  • Create a name for the new extender network and connect devices placed at dead zones to this extender network.

Using WiFi Protected Setup

This is considered the easiest method to setup an extender. If your router supports WPS then we recommend to setup through this method rather than the manual one. You may get issues while following the setup of manual setup.

  • Press the WPS button on your range extender for 2 to 5 seconds. Release the button.
  • Press the WPS button on your router within two minutes after pressing WPS on the extender.
  • The system LED turns solid blue after a successful connection. Connect devices to the extender network.

After the connection, you can move your extender. Place it halfway between dead zone and router to get better performance. Make sure your extender is within the range of your router’s network. Media playback feature is present in this extender.

When you got an issue with your extender then the reset of the extender may be the solution. Resetting of the extender will solve many issues related to your extender.

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