Simply launch a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser which redirects you to an IP address To access Asus repeater login webpage, connect your device with Asus extender wired or wirelessly. After this a login screen will appear, use the username as admin and password also as admin. These days, Asus repeaters are best known for their ultimate coverage and performance to cover dead zone areas of your home location. Asus repeaters are compatible with almost all kinds of routers and access points. Asus extenders can be configured easily using WPS set up or manually using a wired connection.

STEP1: Turn on your Asus extender, plug in the Asus extender to the power outlet and wait for the lights to turn solid white/ green on Asus extender.

STEP2: Press and hold WPS button on Asus extender for 3 seconds. Asus extender lights will start flashing then press and hold WPS button on the main router and wait for 2 minutes.

STEP3: Place Asus extender in between dead zone area and your main router. You can customize Asus extender settings using Asus extender application or by simply logging to Asus extender webpage using web address or IP address


Turn on your Asus extender and connect an Ethernet cable between the computer and Asus extender. Open a web browser and type or IP address in the address bar of your browser follow onscreen instructions and complete setup procedure for Asus extender.

Know about your Asus extender

Extenders are used when your router is not able to provide you internet in all corners of your home wirelessly. Asus extenders are one of the widely used extenders these days as they provide sufficient coverage and speed to the user. An extender takes signal from your router and rebroadcast it to the areas where there is no signal. These areas are called dead zones. The extender should be placed between dead zones and your router. Make sure extender is getting proper signal from your router to transfer it further. If not then place your extender closer to the router. The placement matters a lot, so make a good one.

After purchasing an extender, the users get stuck at the installation as all the users do not know how to install an extender. Even after successful installation, a user gets issues time to time in his extender such as unable to login to the extender home page. To resolve such kind of issues or to help the users in the installation of Asus extender through default web address or IP address, we have a dedicated team of experts. Get a solution for every problem related to Asus extender RP-68u.

How to have the same name for Asus extender and router?

When you setup an Asus extender, it will have a different network name than your router to avoid confusion while you roam from one corner to another. But some users want the same name for both of these. The configuration panel of an Asus extender allows you to do so. Follow the steps given below.

Connect a computer to the network name or SSID of your asus extender.

Open a web browser from this computer such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the address bar of this browser, type default web address for Asus extender login to access the extender configuration page.

A login page opens. Enter the username and password in the given fields as admin.

Go to network map page, then select band and update new SSID (network name) for your Asus extender.

Enter new security code in the specified field. Click on apply to make changes.

After following these steps, you will have a different name for your extender network. To change the name of another band, follow these steps again. For any query, get a quote from us.

Getting intermittent connection in the smart phones or tablets

If this is the issue you are facing then this is because the internet connection is bouncing from a network to another. The bouncing back and forth between the networks can cause this type of issue. Your device is not able to properly select the network to connect. Make sure your device is within the range of your extender network or router network to get proper internet. Both networks may cause interference with each other if there is more than one network available. Make sure your Asus extender is not stacked up, you can change channels on Asus extender to avoid signal interference. To update Asus extender channel settings, simply log in to Asus extender login webpage using web address Click on the wireless option and change channels to 11 or 6, then click on apply and save option.

How to place an Asus Extender Properly?

The best position to place an extender is midway between router and extender but within the range of router’s network. There are methods given on the internet to get a proper position to place your extender. Such as placing your extender and move your device farther each time, where the signal gets lost it’s a dead zone. Place the extender before this place to get a signal from the router and then transfer it further. Our team can solve an issue like how to change the password of the admin panel, how to change network name, how to change wireless security type of Asus extender etc. is not accessible is the default web address to access login page of the Asus extender to open the web based user interface. The web interface is used to configure the extender. When you encounter an error message while accessing this web address, then there is definitely a reason for this issue. The issue can be resolved by checking some of the points given here.

Try to access the login page using default IP address for an Asus extender. You can find at the product label or quick installation guide for your range extender.

Clear the cache of the browser or try from a different browser.

Reboot your extender.

Reset your extender to factory default settings and try again.

Try from a different computer or laptop.

Connect through a wired connection to your Asus extender. Wired connection can be made using Ethernet cable.

Unplug the extender and all other cables and connect again.